Secure E-mail Encryption Service Usage

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Secure E-mail Encryption Service Usage

Using BDH Secure E-mail Encryption Service

The secure e-mail encryption service provides email encryption and decryption for your confidential email.

This notification is to inform you that you have received a secure/encrypted email message.

Open the HTML attachment of this email in a web browser (for example, FireFox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer) and follow the instructions to get registered (for first-time external users) or authenticated (for internal users and registered external users) before you can decrypt and view the email message.

Note: If you use Internet Explorer 9, you must click the Show Content button in the popup security warning message at the bottom of the browser to be able to access the links. Or you can switch to other web browsers, such as FireFox and Chrome.

After logging on to the secure e-mail encryption service, you will see your secure email either in the Encrypted Email mailbox. You can also access the online help for more help information.

If you have further questions, please contact BDH Technology.


Click here for information on how to use BDH Technology's secure e-mail encryption service.


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